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Preparing for Chef Client 13 - Chef Blog

Over the last year, we've adopted a monthly release cadence for Chef. This has served us well, giving our users (and our staff!) a predictable schedule and making it safer and easier to release a version of Chef than ever before. Now, it's time to introduce the next step.

Chef Server HA: The best way to run Chef Server - Chef Blog

We're very pleased to announce that Chef Server HA is now available in full release. Chef Server HA is a completely new high availability (HA) architecture designed for mission-critical performance and reliability. It replaces the HA topologies that were previously available as part of the Chef Server package.

Writing Wrapper Cookbooks - Chef Blog

This post first appeared on The Wandering IT Consultant blog. What is a Wrapper Cookbook? Simply put, a wrapper cookbook is just a regular cookbook that includes recipes from other cookbooks. Common use cases for wrapper cookbooks include: Modifying the behavior of a community cookbook from the Chef Supermarket Bundling several base cookbooks into a single ...

Current State Clarity, Part 4 - Chef Provisioning - Chef Blog

I spent a good portion of my career tackling provisioning problems. Chances are, if you met me at a Chef event, we probably talked about Chef Provisioning. Before diving in any further, I'd like to point out that Chef works well with just about any modern provisioning tool.

DevOps is all about collaboration - Chef Blog

Collaboration is the latest enterprise buzzword. Collaboration applications like Slack, Atlassian HipChat, Microsoft Teams and Facebook Workplace didn't even exist 10 years ago. Now it seems there are more collaboration tools than we know what to do with. And every enterprise talks about the need for collaboration; Harvard Business Review even released a recent study on the issue.

The DevOps Engineer is an Optical Illusion - Chef Blog

Building a collaborative and lightning-quick DevOps organization is a complex but critical business mission today. The technology industry is filled with a host of best practices that promise to help companies achieve this objective. Some of these suggestions make a great deal of sense.

Chef Delivery on a laptop

This post describes how you can run Chef Delivery on a laptop, using Vagrant. My main intent is to give you a way to work through Chef's Delivery tutorial if you do not have access to AWS - or if you are really lost using a Windows workstation.

Chef Extension for Visual Studio Code - Visual Studio Marketplace

Extension for Visual Studio Code - Chef language support and snippets for Visual Studio Code

Chef Extension for Visual Studio Code - Visual Studio Marketplace

Extension for Visual Studio Code - Chef language support and snippets for Visual Studio Code

Chef's Two Pass Model - Noah Kantrowitz

A common source of bugs in Chef code for new and experienced users alike is Chef's two-pass (or two-phase) execution model. I would like to provide a quick overview of this system and how it can impact your code.

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