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Continuous Integration of Cog... with Cog - Operable News

We've been building out our continuous integration (CI) pipelines lately and wanted to share a neat way that we're actually using Cog as part of our pipeline for Cog Enterprise! We'll touch on our Cloud Formation bundle, triggers, and how Cog's composable commands allowed us to customize everything.

How ChatOps practices improved communication on a DevOps team

ChatOps: What's all the chatter about? In the new fast-paced world of DevOps, changes to processes, tools, methodologies and communication are happening quickly and are all around us. To keep up with these changes, enterprise teams today need to better automate tasks.

Bots are taking my job, so I started rollin my own

A presentation about ChatOps, ChatBots and how we used them to create fully automated deployment experience for a fortune 500 company.

Multi-Language ChatOps With Cog - Operable News

If you've read through the Cog Book chapter "Building Command Bundles" you already know that you can write Cog commands in any language. All you need is the ability to read environment variables, read from STDIN, and write to STDOUT. We've even joked around the office about writing one in FORTRAN, or worse, INTERCAL.

ChatOps Report - Managing Operations in Group Chat | VictorOps

Increase efficiency with ChatOps, an approach that helps IT teams collaborate and perform daily actions from a unique, turbocharged chatroom. With this 75-page report, you'll learn how your team can query information, work together on solutions, enter commands with bots and scripts, and comment on the work-all in one place and in real time.

Netflix TechBlog - Medium

Learn about Netflix's world class engineering efforts, company culture, product developments and more.


Do you want to generate Datadog graphs from chat? Well here ya go. This bundle only focuses on posting graphs generated from snapshot queries. You can lookup metrics and then graph them and nothing more. You'll need an API key and Application key to authenticate with Datadog[1].

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