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OpenStack under the radar - OpenStack Superuser

We're all anxious to put 2016 to bed, but before we kick off 2017, it's worth recognizing some OpenStack stories that flew under the radar last year. There were some pretty significant shifts in the community that will have a big impact on 2017, so it's important to have context.

OpenStack demonstrates ability to work across multiple clouds - SiliconANGLE

The reality of information technology today is that most enterprises want to mix and match platforms from multiple different vendors, a reality that has driven the OpenStack open source cloud computing platform to make interoperability a key goal.

11 benefits to running your containers on OpenStack - OpenStack Superuser

Enterprises today must keep up with increasing internal and external customer demand, or die trying. For IT, this means deploying and updating applications faster, and more often than ever before to meet and ideally exceed this demand. At the same time, IT must focus its people power on strategic endeavors, rather than rote tasks.

OpenStack Monitoring With Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana

OpenStack is an open source project that allows enterprises to implement private clouds. Well-known companies such as PayPal and eBay have been using OpenStack to run production environments and mission critical services for years. However, establishing and running a private cloud it not an easy task - it involves being able to control a large and complex system assembled from multiple modules.

Kubernetes tool saves eBay from its OpenStack woes

Ebay's work with OpenStack has yielded fruit: A new container administration tool that makes better use of Docker and Kubernetes. This is yet another thumbs-up for containers finding a place as as helpful units of work within an organization and for Kubernetes managing those workloads.

Monitoring an Openstack deployment with Prometheus and Grafana

Following our previous blog post, we are still looking at tools for collecting metrics from an Openstack deployment in order to understand its resource utilization. Although Monasca has a comprehensive set of metrics and alarm definitions, the complex installation process combined with a lack of documentation makes it a frustrating experience to get it up and running.

Wind River and Mirantis Collaborate on OpenStack Proof of Concept Project

As part of both companies commitment to industry standards and interoperability, Wind River and Mirantis recently completed a joint Proof of Concept interoperability project at Wind River's Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) lab in Santa Clara, California.

hire upstream first

Transforming a team to work on open source software is a complex task. Not particularly because of licensing or knowing the underlying technology a given community is using, but due to social and cultural barriers that can be difficult to overcome if everyone in the team is new to this environment.

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