What Is ChatOps? Useful Tips


What is ChatOps? A guide to its evolution and adoption

I am the product of AIM. I can hear that door swinging open and closed in my mind with absolute fidelity. I'd recognize that ding anywhere. At 15, as I typed away into AOL IM, I never imagined that chat could turn into a tool powering some of the greatest innovation in business, technology, science, and beyond.

How ChatOps can revolutionize your business

ChatOps helps to connect people, bots, and tools in an automated and transparent workflow, allowing them to see the complete status of their work and systems. The transparency strengthens the feedback loop and enhances collaboration. Some say it is "IM-enabled devops." These solutions give users access to important information directly from the chat window, drastically reducing context switching.

Day 25 - Building a Team CLI with Python: One Alternative to ChatOps

Written by: Jan Ivar Beddari (@beddari) Edited by: Nicholas Valler (@nvaller) ChatOps is a great idea. Done right, it creates a well-defined collaborative space where the barriers to entry are low and sharing improvements is quick. Because of the immediate gains in speed and ease, ChatOps implementations have a tendency to outgrow their original constraints.

HPE finds chatrooms - or 'chatops' - instrumental for devops success

While the chatroom has its origins in the early days of the internet - be it on IRC, Usenet forums or early messenger apps like ICQ - it's making a real resurgence in the world of business, as HPE found out.

How ChatOps helps your team ship software better - Dockbit

The number one benefit, which is more of a prerequisite for taking the ChatOps into use, is that it forces you to automate repetitive tasks. All those manual, creepy scripts that your team has created over time (and rarely documented), now have to be put into a central place, consumable by the chatbot.

The Four Stages of ChatOps - GET PUT POST

ChatOps encourages transparent collaboration and automates a lot of tedious repetition. We use ChatOps to make sure that everyone is getting the right information so we can solve issues faster and more efficiently. At the end of the day, ChatOps evolves and enhances the way we communicate between people, teams, and data.

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