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Analyzing with SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins

This plugin lets you centralize the configuration of SonarQube server connection details in Jenkins global configuration.

Day 8 - Building Robust Jenkins Pipelines

Written By: Michael Heap (@mheap) Edited By: Daniel Maher (@phrawzty) For many years continuous integration was synonymous with the name Jenkins, but as time went on it fell out of favour and was replaced by newer kids on the block such as Travis, GoCD and Concourse.

Jenkins Live Demos: Pipeline, Git, and Blue Ocean

Back in September at Jenkins World, many of the Jenkins experts demoed their favorite Jenkins plugin/project. The demos were not recorded and due to the large crowds surrounding the demo area, the audio was limited. We thought it would be a good idea to share these demos on this channel, to a wider audience.

Blue Ocean Plugin - Jenkins - Jenkins Wiki

1.0.1 (archives) Apr 11, 2017 2.7.1 blueocean-web (version:1.0.1) blueocean-autofavorite (version:0.6) blueocean-jwt (version:1.0.1) blueocean-commons (version:1.0.1) blueocean-personalization (version:1.0.1) blueocean-display-url (version:1.5.1) blueocean-rest-impl (version:1.0.1) blueocean-pipeline-editor (version:0.2.0) blueocean-github-pipeline (version:1.0.1) blueocean-rest (version:1.0.1) blueocean-i18n (version:1.0.1) blueocean-pipeline-api-impl (version:1.0.1) blueocean-dashboard (version:1.0.1) blueocean-git-pipeline (version:1.0.1) blueocean-config (version:1.0.1)


TLDR:Use Jenkinsfile instead of the UI so that one ~ahem~ well-intentioned person can't ruin your build.Resources Jenkinsfile documentation Pluralsight: Getting Started with Jenkins 2 by We...

Cross-Cluster Image Promotion Techniques - OpenShift Blog

Many organizations decide to have multiple container clusters to segregate different environments. This leads to the problem of how to move container images created in one cluster to another cluster. The need to move images across clusters typically arises when one needs to implement a promotion process where the next environment for the given app is not in the same cluster as the current environment.

Declarative Pipeline Syntax Beta 2 release

Published on 2017-01-12 by Andrew Bayer This week, we released the second beta of the new Declarative Pipeline syntax, available in the Update Center now as version 0.8.1 of Pipeline: Model Definition. You can read more about Declarative Pipeline in the blog post introducing the first beta from December, but we wanted to update you all on the syntax changes in the second beta.

Converting Conditional Build Steps to Jenkins Pipeline

Published on 2017-01-19 by Liam Newman With all the new developments in Jenkins Pipeline (and Declarative Pipeline on the horizon), it's easy to forget what we did to create "pipelines" before Pipeline. There are number of plugins, some that have been around since the very beginning, that enable users to create "pipelines" in Jenkins.

[JENKINS-28701] Script runs in Script Console but not with Job DSL groovy - Jenkins JIRA

Can you see anything that I'm obviously doing wrong? Also, there's this text from the script console: "All the classes from all the plugins are visible." The same does not appear to apply in Job DSL scripts.

Pipeline-as-code with Multibranch Workflows in Jenkins

Published on 2015-12-03 by R. Tyler Croy Note: This is a guest post by Kishore Bhatia. Kishore works for CloudBees, building custom frameworks with Open Source software and helping customers solve engineering problems around continuous delivery and DevOps at scale.

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