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Database Migration-What Do You Need to Know Before You Start?

Congratulations! You have convinced your boss or the CIO to move your database to the cloud. Or you are the boss, CIO, or both, and you finally decided to jump on the bandwagon. What you're trying to do is move your application to the new environment, platform, or technology (aka application modernization), because usually people don't move databases for fun.

Enable Support for Binary Payloads in API Gateway - Amazon API Gateway

Set up content encoding conversion in API Gateway to support binary media types.

AWS Batch - Run Batch Computing Jobs on AWS | AWS Blog

We believe that cloud computing has the potential to change the batch computing model for the better, with fast access to many different types of EC2 instances, the ability to scale up and down in response to changing needs, and a pricing model that allows you to bid for capacity and to obtain it as economically as possible.

New for AWS Lambda - Environment Variables and Serverless Application Model (SAM)

I am thrilled by all of the excitement that I see around AWS Lambda and serverless application development. I have shared many serverless success stories, tools, and open source projects in the AWS Week in Review over the last year or two.

AWS Shield - Protect your Applications from DDoS Attacks | AWS Blog

The online world can be an unfriendly place! As soon as you put a web site online, it can become the target of many different types of attacks, all aimed at causing trouble and taking the site offline. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are one very common trouble spot.

Amazon ECS at The Climate Corporation: Using Amazon ECR and Multiple Accounts for Isolated Regression Testing | AWS Compute Blog

Like many large users of AWS, The Climate Corporation uses multiple AWS accounts in order to provide strict isolation between a production environment and various pre-production environments (testing, staging, etc.).

Resize Images on the Fly with Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, and Amazon API Gateway

John Pignata, Solutions Architect With the explosion of device types used to access the Internet with different capabilities, screen sizes, and resolutions, developers must often provide images in an array of sizes to ensure a great user experience. This can become complex to manage and drive up costs.

Blox - New Open Source Scheduler for Amazon EC2 Container Service

Back in 2014 I talked about Amazon ECS and showed you how it helps you to build, run, and scale Docker-based applications. I talked about the three scheduling options (automated, manual, and custom) and described how a scheduler works to assign tasks to instances.

Amazon RDS now supports Read Replicas of Encrypted Database Instances across Regions

To create a cross-region read replica for your encrypted database instance, simply select the target region and an encryption key for that region. You can use your own encryption key or the default encryption key for Amazon RDS that is created by AWS KMS in each region.

Reusable, Repeatable CloudFormation with Cog - Operable News

We recently helped Kickstarter move their CloudFormation workflow over to Cog. Our initial focus was on making the same sorts of commands that are available via the AWS command line utility available in Cog. Moving existing CloudFormation commands to chat immediately provided some improvements: team visibility, shared configuration, and fine-grained permissions, just to name a few.

Zero Downtime Deployments with AWS CodeDeploy - A Cloud Guru

We at Gatherer have recently changed our cloud provider from Microsoft Azure to Amazon AWS, so it was up to me (the CTO) to setup a completely new infrastructure for staging and production. This was my first time ever working with auto scaling groups, elastic load balancers and services for automated deployment.

Unit and Integration Testing for AWS Lambda - Serverless Zone

I recently read the Designing Testable Lambda Functions tutorial from Claudia.js. I firmly believe in thorough testing, including both testing Lambda function code in isolation, and end-to-end system testing. However, I think this tutorial goes about it in the wrong way.

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