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Fission: Serverless Functions as a Service for Kubernetes

Fission can be installed with a `kubectl create` command: see the Editor's note: Today's post is by Soam Vasani, Software Engineer at Platform9 Systems, talking about a new open source Serverless Function (FaaS) framework for Kubernetes. Fission is a Functions as a Service (FaaS) / Serverless function framework built on Kubernetes.

What do you think of a joint Kubernetes OpenStack environment? - OpenStack Superuser

Container schedulers like Kubernetes, Swarm, Mesos, Rancher and others have become a very hot topic in cloud infrastructure discussions. They promise a level of abstraction over infrastructure that reduces operational complexity and improves interoperability by hiding many of the differences between different platforms. Of these benefits, the idea of integrated mechanisms for upgrades and high availability is especially attractive; however, these features are not free.

SAP Tests Kubernetes for Cloud-Native Enterprise Software Deployments - The New Stack

While SAP is known for enterprise-grade software, its research arm SAP Labs is looking for ways to bring the company, and its customers, to cloud-native architectures. Not surprisingly, SAP Labs is taking a hard look at the Kubernetes as a potential deployment tool for SAP applications, running both in-house and in the cloud.

Kubernetes hands-on - O'Reilly Open Source Convention in Austin 2017

Kelsey Hightower offers a hands-on demonstration of Kubernetes, teaching you how to package your applications as Linux containers, manage secrets with Vault and custom controllers, create and manage metrics with Prometheus, implement distributed tracing with Zipkin and OpenTracing, implement service discovery and keep your sanity, and expose your applications to external users and clients.

Deis Workflow, Now Stable!

I am proud to announce the first stable release of Deis Workflow. This means the Deis community now considers Workflow suitable for production deployments. D...


charts - Curated applications for Kubernetes


kubeless - Kubernetes Native Serverless Framework


steward-framework - Go SDK for the Service Catalog Controller API


a CLI tool for working with funktion


kubebot - Kubernetes chatbot for Slack


vault-controller - Automate the creation of unique Vault tokens for Kubernetes Pods using init containers.


kube-cert-manager - Manage Lets Encrypt certificates for a Kubernetes cluster.


kraken - [DEPRECATED] Deploy a Kubernetes cluster using Terraform and Ansible on top of CoreOS.

A Stronger Foundation for Creating and Managing Kubernetes Clusters

Last time you heard from us was in September, when we announced The We will also graduate the token discovery we're using now (aka. the image) to beta by adding a new controller to the controller manager: the In addition to making it possible to invoke phases separately, we will also add a new phase for bringing up the control plane in a self-hosted mode (as opposed to the current static pod technique).

The coming of the Kubernetes distributions

Very few people today start using Linux by downloading the linux kernel and starting from scratch. Most people start with a Linux distribution; for instance Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS. These distributions provide some opinions, some central infrastructure, a brand, strong versioning for the entire ecosystem and a bunch of other things.

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