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Habitat and Amazon Elastic Container Service - Chef Blog

I was fortunate to present to the AWS Sydney North User Group on the topic "Build Better Containers for ECS with Habitat" (slides here). Since I was new to using Habitat and Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) I documented my findings. If you're unfamiliar with Habitat, go read through the introduction and try out the tutorial.

A Journey Through Wonderland - Mathias Lafeldt

Personal Ramblings of an Infrastructure Developer

Docker and Linux Networking: Custom Interfaces! - softwareab

Hi All. Today my goal was to build on a previous post I wrote on Default Routing, RIP v2, and VMware Workstation NICs. The problem? I am running on AWS EC2 so nested virtualization options are lacking ( Ravello Systems has a solution, but I didn't want yet-another-layer in between my CloudFormation templates and my EC2 VMs).

AWS Lambda Static Site Generator Plugins · Alestic.com - A Personal AWS Blog by Eric Hammond

A week ago, I presented a CloudFormation template for an AWS Git-backed Static Website stack. If you are not familiar with it, please click through and review the features of this complete Git + static website CloudFormation stack.

Moving MicroBadger to Kubernetes - Microscaling Systems - Medium

We recently moved MicroBadger from Docker Cloud to a Kubernetes cluster on AWS. It's early days but this post is a write up of what we've learnt so far and some mistakes made along the way! First some background on MicroBadger, our tool for managing container metadata.

Introducing LambCI - a serverless build system - Michael Hart - Medium

I'm excited to announce the first release of LambCI, an open-source continuous integration tool built on AWS Lambda 🎉 LambCI is a tool I began building over a year ago to run tests on our pull requests and branches at Uniqlo Mobile.

Releasing Serverless Framework V.1 & Fundraising - Serverless Stories - Medium

For over a year now, we've been building an application framework to help developers spend less time operating complex infrastructure and more time delivering results. To date, the Serverless Framework has garnered more than 11,000 stars on Github and hundreds of startups and enterprise users use it every week to deploy thousands of AWS Lambda functions.

CHEF Uses AWS to Automate Provisioning of IT Resources

CHEF enables engineers to turn their infrastructure into code by automating how they build, deploy, and manage IT infrastructure. Using AWS, CHEF is able to reduce the time needed to provision new IT infrastructure for itself and its customers from months to minutes. Learn more about automation on AWS: http://aws.amazon.com/opsworks/.

Scaling Puppet on AWS ECS with Terraform and Docker - Maxime Visonneau at PuppetConf 2016

Maxine Visonneau of Trainline presents "Scaling Puppet on AWS ECS with Terraform and Docker" at PuppetConf 2016.

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