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Kubernetes Operations (kops) - Production Grade K8s Installation, Upgrades, and Management

Microsoft open sources its Azure Container Service Engine and launches deeper Kubernetes integration

The open source Kubernetes container management project is probably the most popular of the various competing container management services available today. The Cloud Native Compute Foundation, which plays host to the open source side of Kubernetes, is hosting its first Kubernetes conference this week and unsurprisingly, we'll see quite a bit of container-related news in the next few days.

CoreOS introduces Operators to streamline Kubernetes container management

CoreOS introduced a new container management concept today known as Operators, which they say will advance the Kubernetes project by offering more automated container management. What's more, they are open sourcing the technology. "We are introducing the concept of an 'Operator.'

VMware goes all in on containers with Kubernetes as a Service - TechRepublic

VMware's Photon Platform is getting built-in support for container cluster manager Kubernetes through its new Kubernetes as a Service offering, unveiled Tuesday at the 2016 VMworld Europe conference. Additionally, the Photon Platform is getting networking integration with NSX and storage services from Virtual SAN.

CoreOS launches its OpenStack on Kubernetes project as a technical preview

Six months ago, CoreOS, the purveyor of fine, small Linux distributions and container management services, demoed a project that would allow its users to easily deploy the notoriously complex OpenStack private cloud platform with the help of containers and Google's Kubernetes container management tools.

Graceful shutdown with Node.js and Kubernetes | @RisingStack

This article helps you to understand what graceful shutdown is, what are the main benefits of it and how can you set up the graceful shutdown of a Kubernetes application. We'll discuss how you can validate and benchmark this process, and what are the most common mistakes that you should avoid.

Canonical expands enterprise container portfolio

Canonical Expands Enterprise Container Portfolio with Commercially Supported Distribution of Kubernetes Canonical's distribution of Kubernetes is supported, enterprise Kubernetes Support is available on public clouds, private infrastructure, bare metal Elastic solution with built in analytics for scale-out 'process container' loads LONDON, U.K, Sept 27, 2016, Canonical today launches a distribution of Kubernetes, with enterprise support, [...]

Running Stateful Applications in Kubernetes: Storage Provisioning and Allocation - The New Stack

To appreciate how Kubernetes manages storage pools that provide persistence to applications, we need to understand the architecture and the workflow related to application deployment. Kubernetes is used in various roles - by developers, system administrators, operations, and DevOps teams. Each of these personas, if you will, interact with the infrastructure in a distinct way.

Kubernetes from scratch to AWS with Terraform and Ansible (part 1) - OpenCredo

This post is the first of a series of three tutorial articles introducing a sample, tutorial project, demonstrating how to provision Kubernetes on AWS from scratch, using Terraform and Ansible. [updated after publication] Part 1 (this post): Provision the infrastructure, with Terraform. Part 2: Install and configure Kubernetes, with Ansible.

Moving MicroBadger to Kubernetes - Microscaling Systems - Medium

We recently moved MicroBadger from Docker Cloud to a Kubernetes cluster on AWS. It's early days but this post is a write up of what we've learnt so far and some mistakes made along the way! First some background on MicroBadger, our tool for managing container metadata.

Cluster Consul using Kubernetes API

Recently we had the desire to cluster Consul (Hashicorps K/V store) without calling out to Atlas. We deploy many clusters per day as we are constantly testing and we want Consul to simply bring itself up without having to reach out over the internet. So we added a few changes to our Consul setup, so here...


consul-on-kubernetes - Running HashiCorp's Consul on Kubernetes

A busy Java developers guide to developing microservices on Kubernetes and docker

As Java developers we're often really busy with large backlogs, customer issues and countless disruptions. It can be quite daunting finding the time to learn all about things like Kubernetes and its associated tools and technologies ( kubectl, OpenShift, oc, Docker and Rkt and standards like CNCF and OCI).


docker-kubernetes-tls-guide - Step by step guide on how to secure Docker and Kubernetes using TLS with CloudFlare's CFSSL

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