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A busy Java developers guide to developing microservices on Kubernetes and docker

As Java developers we're often really busy with large backlogs, customer issues and countless disruptions. It can be quite daunting finding the time to learn all about things like Kubernetes and its associated tools and technologies ( kubectl, OpenShift, oc, Docker and Rkt and standards like CNCF and OCI).

Moving from Docker to rkt - Adriaan de Jonge - Medium

Even the coolest products and services come with vendor lock-in. And no matter how enthusiastic I have been about Docker in the last three years, at some point this vendor lock-in starts to hurt. The good news is that competition is well on its way to becoming a viable alternative.

Drupal 8 CI/CD with Docker via Jenkins. Part 1: Integration

In this article I will demonstrate how to organize CI workflow for your Drupal 8 website with Docker. We will use Jenkins as our CI/CD tool and docker4drupal containers for test environment. This article will consist of two parts. In the first part we will install Jenkins and set up our build.

Labelling problems with Docker automated builds - Microscaling Systems - Medium

Update: there is now a solution allowing us to generate labels at build time. Docker labels are a powerful mechanism for adding metadata to your containers and as the New Stack says there are now some good practises for using them at Metadata plays a vital role in managing containers at scale.

Containers and Virtual Machines are Friends, Not Competitors - Container Journal

Containers versus virtual machines. That's the rhetoric that has shaped the conversation so far as organizations evaluate solutions such as Docker and compare them to VMware. But what they should really be doing is understanding how containers and virtual machines can work together. If you type "docker vs" into Google, "docker vs vm," "docker vs.

Visualize your Raspberry Pi containers with Portainer or UI for Docker · Docker Pirates ARMed with explosive stuff

If you want to remote control your Raspberry Pi Docker containers from a nice Web UI, then try one of these prebuilt Docker images. Of course be aware that everyone in your home network is able to manipulate your Docker containers with it as there is no login dialog.

Docker Inspect Template Magic - Container Solutions

Most Docker users are aware of the docker inspect command which is used to get metadata on a container or image, and may have used the -f argument to pull out some specific data, for example using docker inspect -f {{ "{{.IPAddress" }}}} to get a container's IP Address.

How to Debug and Fix Common Docker Issues | DigitalOcean

Docker makes it easy to wrap your applications and services in containers so you can run them anywhere. Unfortunately, problems may arise when building your image and integrating all of the layers that your app needs, especially if you're new to Docker images and containers.

Basic Docker Networking

After explaining the basics of Linux containers , Dinesh Dutt moved on to the basics of Docker networking , starting with an in-depth explan...

Puppet tightens links to Docker, Jenkins, VMware

Puppet is forging tight links between its devops platform and Docker containers, Jenkins continuous integration, and VMware virtual machines. These improvements are part of a series of product unveilings Thursday that also includes the latest version of the Puppet Enterprise datacenter orchestration platform.

Demystifying Docker overlay networking

Docker overlay networking is insanely simple to configure. I mean insanely simple! But lurking beneath the simplicity of the setup are a bunch of moving parts that you really wanna understand if you're gonna deploy this stuff in your prime-time production estate. Anyway...

Hypriot OS: Docker auf dem Raspberry Pi " Linux-Magazin

Docker läuft auch auf der ARM-Plattform Raspberry Pi. Wer diesen Use Case in Betracht zieht, kann sich Hypriot OS 1.0.0 installieren, eine eigens f...

Build and Deploy a Java Web Application with Docker and Semaphore

Continuously build, test, deploy, and monitor a multi-container, MongoDB-backed, Java Spring web application, using Semaphore and the new Docker 1.12.

Docker comes to Raspberry Pi - Raspberry Pi

If you're not already familiar with Docker, it's a method of packaging software to include not only your code, but also other components such as a full file system, system tools, services, and libraries. You can then run the software on multiple machines without a lot of setup.

Alpine Based Docker Images Make a Difference in Real World Apps

This article was originally published by Nick Janetakis on his personal site, and with his permission, we are sharing it here for Codeship readers. I develop a lot of Python and Ruby based applications, and my Dockerfile typically pulls in from the official Python or Ruby images on the Docker Hub.

Docker Slaves Plugin - Jenkins - Jenkins Wiki

If something goes wrong (sic), please first run Jenkins master with -Dit.dockins.dockerslaves.spi.DockerDriver.verbose=true . This will dump in build log all docker commands ran by the plugin and help us understand the issue.

Scaling Puppet on AWS ECS with Terraform and Docker - Maxime Visonneau at PuppetConf 2016

Maxine Visonneau of Trainline presents "Scaling Puppet on AWS ECS with Terraform and Docker" at PuppetConf 2016.

There is No Such Thing as Container Networking - Kelsey Hightower, Google

Kelsey Hightower, Google Access all 13 recorded sessions from DevOps Networking Forum: ***** In this talk we examine the current thinking around container networking and why it introduces unnecessary complexity and reinvention of the wheel.

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