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Introducing InfraKit, an open source toolkit for creating and managing declarative, self-healing infrastructure - Docker Blog

Written by Bill Farner and David Chung Docker's mission is to build tools of mass innovation, starting with a programmable layer for the Internet that enables developers and IT operations teams to build and run distributed applications.

How To Dockerize Vendor Apps like Confluence - Docker Blog

Docker Datacenter customer, Shawn Bower of Cornell University recently shared their experiences in containerizing Confluence as being the start of their Docker journey. Through that project they were able to demonstrate a 10X savings in application maintenance, reduce the time to build a disaster recovery plan from days to 30 minutes and improve the security profile of their Confluence deployment.

Docker deployment process across remote data centers | Infobip

Learn how we have improved Docker deployment process across remote data centers to give a smooth deployment experience to our development teams.

Docker Documentation

Get started with Docker Try our new multi-part walkthrough that goes from writing your first app, data storage, networking, and swarms, ending with your app running on production servers in...

Lint-Condo - A Lint Container for Docker

lint-condo is a linting container for Docker, built especially for continuous integration. More specifically: Why make linting an automated part of your project? Adding linting to your project pretty much anytime after your initial commit can be daunting, which is ever the more reason to start linting as early as possible.

Docker as a (workstation) service | 8th Light

Docker promotes itself as "a tool for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications," and there is much literature available to describe workflows to that end. I primarily use it for a much different purpose: to simplify my workstation setup.

Building With Jenkins Inside an Ephemeral Docker Container

Thinking inside the container means building inside one as well. Today I'd like to open up the box on how my team is currently combining Jenkins and Docker to serve Riot Engineering teams. In the most recent post , I promised I would soon discuss the actual build slave and Jenkins configuration directly.

Jenkins, Docker and DevOps: The Innovation Catalysts -- Part I

This is the first in a series of blog posts about the ability to greatly accelerate software delivery pipelines - thus, also accelerating innovation - using the combination of Jenkins, Docker and continuous delivery practices. Historically we have seen waves of innovation hit the information technology industry.

Docker user? Haven't patched Dirty COW yet? Got bad news for you

Here's another reason to pay attention to patching your Linux systems against the Dirty COW vulnerability: it can be used to escape Docker containers. That news comes from Paranoid Software's Gabriel Lawrence, who describes the escape here.

Docker and Linux Networking: Custom Interfaces! - softwareab

Hi All. Today my goal was to build on a previous post I wrote on Default Routing, RIP v2, and VMware Workstation NICs. The problem? I am running on AWS EC2 so nested virtualization options are lacking ( Ravello Systems has a solution, but I didn't want yet-another-layer in between my CloudFormation templates and my EC2 VMs). - Clusterless Docker Hosting

Via an integration with, version 0.9.1 of BuildBot, the open source Continuous Integration (CI) framework, will include support for 'serverless CI'. Buildbot is used for CI by many large open source projects including OpenVPN, the Python language and the Perl language, mostly because the tool caters very well to teams who have 'outgrown' Drone, Travis, AppVeyor or similar entry-level hosted CI tools.

Running Gatling load tests in Docker containers via Jenkins

Gatling is a modern load testing tool written in Scala. As part of the Jenkins setup I am in charge of, I wanted to run load tests using Gatling against a collection of pages for a given website. Here are my notes on how I managed to do this.

Docker Security Tools: Audit and Vulnerability ... | Alfresco Community

This blog post was originally posted here. Dec 1st 2015: first version of this article published Dec 2nd 2015: UPDATED OpenSCAP section

Creating a Docker container Host on Windows Nano Server with Chef

This week Microsoft launched the release of Windows Server 2016 along with its ultra light headless deployment option - Nano Server. The Nano server images are many times smaller than what we have come to expect from a Windows server image. A Nano Vagrant box is just a few hundred megabytes.

First Look at Docker SwarmKit - Replicated Blog

I was planning to deploy a test environment for a new application today, then the release of Docker SwarmKit came. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to spend part of the day giving SwarmKit a try. This post is a very early look at my experience installing SwarmKit on EC2 servers.

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