What Is ChatOps? Tips And Tricks


What is ChatOps? A guide to its evolution & significance

I am the product of AIM. I can hear that door swinging open and closed in my mind with absolute fidelity. I'd recognize that ding anywhere. At 15, as I typed away into AOL IM, I never imagined that chat could turn into a tool powering some of the greatest innovation in business, technology, science, and beyond.

12+ Frameworks to Build ChatOps Bots | Nordic APIs |

Since GitHub integrated ChatOps into their operational strata, the concept has garnered a good deal of excitement. Essentially, ChatOps moves system operations into a group chat room, enabling developers to collaborate, initiate tests, deploy software, and build a company culture all from a single unified command line.

How ChatOps practices improved communication on a DevOps team

ChatOps: What's all the chatter about? In the new fast-paced world of DevOps, changes to processes, tools, methodologies and communication are happening quickly and are all around us. To keep up with these changes, enterprise teams today need to better automate tasks.

AWS Serverless Chatbot Hackathon

Easily build scalable bots for Slack using AWS Lambda - all without needing to provision and manage servers.

slack-ruby-bot-server | RubyGems.org | your community gem host

RubyGems.org is the Ruby community's gem hosting service. Instantly publish your gems and then install them. Use the API find out more about available gems. Become a contributor and improve the site yourself.

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