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Using Terraform with AWS

These are the slides from my meetup talk at Materials are here:

Powerful AWS Platform Features, Now for Containers | Amazon Web Services

Containers are great but they come with their own management challenges. Our customers have been using containers on AWS for quite some time to run workloads ranging from microservices to batch jobs. They told us that managing a cluster, including the state of the EC2 instances and containers, can be tricky, especially as the environment [...]

New - Bring Your Own Keys with AWS Key Management Service | Amazon Web Services

provides you with seamless, centralized control over your encryption keys. Our customers have told us that they love this fully managed service because it automatically handles all of the availability, scalability, physical security, and hardware maintenance for the underlying Key Management Infrastructure (KMI). It also centralizes key management, with one dashboard that offers creation, rotation, [...]

New - Cross-Account Copying of Encrypted EBS Snapshots | Amazon Web Services

AWS already supports the use of encrypted volumes and snapshots, with keys stored in and managed by . It also supports copying of EBS snapshots with other AWS accounts so that they can be used to create new volumes. Today we are joining these features to give you the ability to copy encrypted EBS snapshots [...]

New - AWS Application Load Balancer | Amazon Web Services

We launched Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) for AWS in the spring of 2009 (see New Features for Amazon EC2: Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, and Amazon CloudWatch to see just how far AWS has come since then). Elastic Load Balancing has become a key architectural component for many AWS-powered applications.

Quick Starts - Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Launch Quick Starts to deploy fully functional software on the AWS Cloud with a single click, following AWS best practices. Automated by AWS CloudFormation.

Dynamic GitHub Actions with AWS Lambda | AWS Compute Blog

We created a simple GitHub bot using an AWS Lambda function, with SNS serving as the event bridge. This same technique can be used to kick off automated deployment steps when new code is pushed or take any other custom action in response to a variety of GitHub events.

New Deployment Options for AWS Lambda | AWS Compute Blog

Unsurprisingly, it looks a lot like the CreateFunction call in Lambda that it's making on your behalf. With this new feature in CloudFormation, you can now stand up stacks of resources that include Lambda functions.

Amazon Aurora - Amazon Web Services

Learn how Amazon Aurora combines the speed and availability of commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases.

EC2 Run Command Update - Monitor Execution Using Notifications | Amazon Web Services

We launched EC2 Run Command late last year and have enjoyed seeing our customers put it to use in their cloud and on-premises environments. After the launch, we quickly added Support for Linux Instances, the power to Manage & Share Commands, and the ability to do Hybrid & Cross-Cloud Management.

Automatically Delete Terminated Instances in Chef Server with AWS Lambda and CloudWatch Events | AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog

By combining the forces of AWS Lambda, CloudWatch Events, and KMS, we've created a simple solution to keep our Chef Server organized and up to date automatically. You can also apply this process to other situations that require automatic cleanup after terminated instances.

AWS Pop-up Loft and Innovation Lab in Munich | Amazon Web Services

I'm happy to be able to announce that an AWS Pop-up Loft is opening in Munich on October 26th, with a full calendar of events and a brand-new AWS Innovation Lab, all created with the help of our friends at Intel and Nordcloud. Developers, entrepreneurs, students come to AWS Lofts around the world to learn, [...]

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