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Jenkins Community Builds on Success of Jenkins 2 with Powerful New User Experience

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()-- JENKINS WORLD--The Jenkins project, comprised of a community of practitioners using open source Jenkins, announced that the beta of Blue Ocean, a powerful new experience for Jenkins users, is here. Jenkins is widely considered the most popular automation server in use today.

Jenkins makes a UX splash with Blue Ocean

One of the teams at CloudBees (Jenkins' corporate sponsor) has been working on an overhaul of the Jenkins community user experience and design. It's in the alpha stage and they are aiming to build the best user experience around Jenkins Pipeline.

Building With Jenkins Inside an Ephemeral Docker Container

Thinking inside the container means building inside one as well. Today I'd like to open up the box on how my team is currently combining Jenkins and Docker to serve Riot Engineering teams. In the most recent post , I promised I would soon discuss the actual build slave and Jenkins configuration directly.

Hello Jenkins Pipelines

Building continuous delivery pipelines and similarly complex task orchestrations in Jenkins using traditional job types and plugins can prove to be an awkward and hacky process. Here at Under Armour we have tried many things to achieve a simple Jenkins setup, code review workflows and automation pra

Creating containerized build environments with the Jenkins Pipeline plugin and Docker. Well, almost.

Docker and Jenkins are like the chocolate and peanut butter of the DevOps world. The combination of the two present a ton of new opportunities and headaches. I'm going to talk about both. For this post, I'm assuming you are already familiar with setting up Jenkins and comfortable with Docker.

Scaling Jenkins with Docker: Swarm, Kubernetes or Mesos?

The Jenkins platform can be dynamically scaled by using several Docker cluster and orchestration platforms, using containers to run slaves and jobs and also isolating job execution. But which cluster technology should be used? Docker Swarm? Apache Mesos? Kubernetes? How do they compare? All of them can be used to dynamically run jobs inside containers.

Running Gatling load tests in Docker containers via Jenkins

Gatling is a modern load testing tool written in Scala. As part of the Jenkins setup I am in charge of, I wanted to run load tests using Gatling against a collection of pages for a given website. Here are my notes on how I managed to do this.

How can I perform HTTP POST requests from within a Jenkins Groovy script?

I need to be able to create simple HTTP POST request during our Jenkins Pipeline builds. However I cannot use a simple curl sh script as I need it to work on Windows and Linux nodes, and I don't wi...

Jenkins, Docker and DevOps: The Innovation Catalysts -- Part I

This is the first in a series of blog posts about the ability to greatly accelerate software delivery pipelines - thus, also accelerating innovation - using the combination of Jenkins, Docker and continuous delivery practices. Historically we have seen waves of innovation hit the information technology industry.

Apply terraform plans with validation using Jenkins Pipeline

Jenkins 2.0 introduced pipelines, this feature is too useful to apply terraform plans without trouble.

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