Container Clusters With Kubernetes


rktnetes brings rkt container engine to Kubernetes

As part of "We find CoreOS's rkt a compelling container engine in Kubernetes because of how rkt is composed with the underlying systemd," said Mark Petrovic, senior MTS and architect at Xoom, a PayPal service. "The rkt runtime assumes only the responsibility it needs to, then delegates to other system services where appropriate.

Scaling Jenkins with Docker: Swarm, Kubernetes or Mesos?

The Jenkins platform can be dynamically scaled by using several Docker cluster and orchestration platforms, using containers to run slaves and jobs and also isolating job execution. But which cluster technology should be used? Docker Swarm? Apache Mesos? Kubernetes? How do they compare? All of them can be used to dynamically run jobs inside containers.

Strategies for Running Stateful Applications in Kubernetes: Volumes - The New Stack

One of the key challenges in running containerized workloads is dealing with persistence. Unlike virtual machines that offer durable and persistent storage, containers come with ephemeral storage. Right from its inception, Docker encouraged the design of stateless services. Persistence and statefulness are an afterthought in the world of containers.


rpi-kubernetes - Raspberry Pi cluster with kubernetes

Kubernetes Logging With Elasticsearch and Kibana

Developers, system administrators, and other stakeholders need to access system logs on a daily (sometimes even hourly) basis.Logs from a couple of servers a...

Scaling Magnum and Kubernetes: 2 million requests per second - OpenStack Superuser

We previously described in this blog post how we deployed OpenStack Magnum in the CERN cloud. It is available as a pre-production service and we're steadily moving towards full production mode as a standard part of the CERN IT service offerings to give Containers-as-a-Service.

OpenStack will soon be able to run in containers on top of Kubernetes

OpenStack, the open source project that allows enterprises to run an AWS-like cloud computing service in their own data centers, added support for containers over the course of its last few releases. Running OpenStack itself on top of containers is a different problem, though.

Kubernetes with Habitat

Kubernetes is an open source container cluster manager that is available as a stand-alone platform or embedded in several distributed platforms including Google's Container Engine and Tectonic by CoreOS. Habitat and Kubernetes are complementary, Kubernetes focuses on providing a platform for deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts while Habitat manages the creation and configuration of those application containers.

How to run Java fat-jars in Docker, Kubernetes and Openshift

In a world where agility matters, the pursuit to reduce wasted time in environment configurations is apparent in many technologies. Some techniques, such as Virtual Machines, that enable distribution of pre-configured images have existed for decades, while others like Linux containers are more recent.

Understanding Cattle, Swarm and Kubernetes in Rancher

Note: we've provided an updated version this post! You can find an in-depth guide comparing Rancher Orchestration options Kubernetes, Mesos, and Docker Swarm here. Over the last six months, Rancher has grown very quickly, and now includes support for multiple orchestration frameworks in addition to Cattle, Rancher's native orchestrator.

Comparison of Container Schedulers - Armand Grillet - Medium

This report compares three popular solutions to schedule containers: Docker Swarm, Google Kubernetes and Apache Mesos (using the framework Marathon). After explaining the basics of scheduling and containers, it explores the schedulers' features and compare them through two use cases: a website that only needs two containers and a scalable voting application that can accommodate arbitrarily large scale.

OpenShift - Enterprise-Ready Kubernetes for Developers

OpenShift is the enterprise-grade application platform - built on Kubernetes, designed for developers, and multi-tenant and secure from the ground up. Whether running on your laptop or in your dat...


kubernetes-the-hard-way - Bootstrap Kubernetes the hard way on Google Cloud Platform. No scripts.


kubernetes-cluster-federation - Kubernetes cluster federation tutorial


kube-cert-manager - Manage Lets Encrypt certificates for a Kubernetes cluster.

Kubernetes 1.4: Making it easy to run on Kubernetes anywhere

Today we're happy to announce the release of Kubernetes 1.4. Since the release to general availability just over 15 months ago, Kubernetes has continued to grow and achieve broad adoption across the industry. From brand new startups to large-scale businesses, users have described how big a difference Kubernetes has made in building, deploying and managing distributed applications.

Vault in Kubernetes - Take 2

A while back I wrote about how we use Vault in Kubernetes and recently a good samaritan brought it to my attention that so much has changed with our implementation that I should update/rewrite a post about our current setup. Again congrats to Martin Devlin for all the effort he has put in.

Kubernetes at Box: Microservices at Maximum Velocity | Box Blog

A few years ago, we began splitting up the monolithic PHP application that powers Box into microservices. We knew we'd ultimately need dozens (even hundreds) of microservices to be successful, but there was a serious problem: our model for provisioning new services was slightly... antiquated.

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