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Hewlett Packard Enterprise and the Chef Partner Cookbook Program - Chef Blog

I'd like to announce that Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is now part of the Chef Partner Cookbook Program. They have certified the OneView and the iLO cookbooks which provide interfaces via Chef to two flagship HPE products. The OneView cookbook allows users to configure and manage HPE hardware using OneView's unified API.

habitat-cookbook Cookbook - Chef Supermarket

habitat-cookbook Cookbook (0.1.2)

Chef Server HA: The best way to run Chef Server - Chef Blog

We're very pleased to announce that Chef Server HA is now available in full release. Chef Server HA is a completely new high availability (HA) architecture designed for mission-critical performance and reliability. It replaces the HA topologies that were previously available as part of the Chef Server package.

Installing chef on raspberry pi with centos · Artem Sidorenko

Chef is building omnibus packages only for x86. But probably you want to run chef on raspberry pi 3 with ARM. There is a blogpost, which describes the chef installation on Raspbian. This blogpost covers the steps for chef installation on raspberry pi with centos. First of all, install centos on your raspberry pi.

Using Chef with Hashicorp Vault - Noah Kantrowitz

To put a tl;dr right up front, the goal of this proposal is to allow for something like this to work without per-host configuration: This means every Chef client in the infrastructure needs to be able to transparently access the Hashicorp Vault (hereafter just Vault) server.

Automatically Delete Terminated Instances in Chef Server with AWS Lambda and CloudWatch Events | AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog

By combining the forces of AWS Lambda, CloudWatch Events, and KMS, we've created a simple solution to keep our Chef Server organized and up to date automatically. You can also apply this process to other situations that require automatic cleanup after terminated instances.

How I use the DNSimple Chef Cookbook - DNSimple Blog

David shows off some examples of the newly updated DNSimple cookbook.


chef-ha-azure - Deploy a highly available Chef Server system using Azure Resource Manager

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