Infrastructure with Virtualization


Virtualization enables on-demand-provisioning of servers running several choices of operating systems and customized software stacks. This leaves the consumer to handle OS, middleware and application deployment on self-service virtual machines that can be started and destroyed on demand.

Infrastructure with Virtualization

On-Demand Infrastructure Abstraction

  • Abstraction of the hardware layers
  • Consumer just requests resources now (self service)
  • On-demand growth and reduction (depending on the virtualization tooling)

"Basically, you get as much resources as you need, whenever you want them, available in an instant."

Deployment Scenarios

  • You can have it in-house
  • You can have it in combination with an external data center
  • You can have it provided to you by service providers (Amazon EC2, Windows Azure)

Reasons for utilizing virtual infrastructure

  • Reduce the time it takes to setup new machines
  • Reduce the time needed for administration
  • Increase the number of possible deployments
  • Increase the speed of delivering new software versions
  • Standardize recurring work with automation (e.g. Chef/Puppet/Ansible)
  • Uniformity of production configuration
  • Independence of hardware

The most reliable way to build servers is to remove the natural variances introduced by individuals. So automate!

How hardware planning used to be without virtualization

  • Get exact specifications of hardware needed
  • Order and setup hardware
  • Configure hardware manually
  • Test the whole setup

Hardware planning with virtualization

  • All this work is already done by the infrastructure provider
  • You only have to think about the virtual resources you need

OpenStack as Virtualization Solution

  • OpenStack is a free and open-source infrastructure platform
  • OpenStack is primarily deployed as a flexible infrastructure solution
  • OpenStack consists of a series of interrelated projects that control pools of processing, storage, and networking resources throughout a data center

OpenStack Website

OpenStack aims

OpenStack aims to deliver solutions for all types of deployments by being

  • Simple to implement
  • Massively scalable
  • Feature-rich

Who's behind OpenStack?

  • Founded by Rackspace Hosting and NASA
  • Promotes the development, distribution and adoption of OpenStack
  • 17,738+ individual members from 141 countries and 850 different organizations
  • Secured more than $10 million in funding

Who is using OpenStack?

OpenStack Powers Demanding Production Workloads Worldwide.

Who uses OpenStack?

All these organizations use OpenStack to achieve:

  • Control
  • Business agility
  • Cost saving

OpenStack Dashboard

Alternatives to OpenStack

One alternative we often encounter when consulting our customers are VMWare's commercial solutions like vSphere, vCenter and vCloud Suite.

How Virtualization works

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