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We are IT-Experts and love everything that has to do with IT-Infrastructure and the cloud. Since 10 years we have been building and consulting big and small projects for various fortune 500 companies. Therefore, we know the challenges of our customers and created training courses for your needs. We offer this courses as "Commandemy by Infralovers".

Automation on the rise

In the past, Server-Infrastructure used to be inflexible and rigid. Setting up a new server and configuring it manually could take days. With the rise of Virtualization, you can now issue new servers on-demand in mere seconds. Thus new challenges arise:

  • If new servers can be issued so fast, how can we keep up with the configuration and maintenance?
  • How can we use them to our advantage by developing and deploying applications?

Commandemy launches All-In-One Chef/OpenStack Training

As an official Chef Training Partner we can answer all the above questions for you in our new "All In One Training". After attending the training, you will be able to overcome these challenges by using new technologies and methodologies. You will be able to produce better applications, deploy them more quickly and automate most of the manual steps.

The training takes 8 days and is split into two parts:

Cloud Operations

... is the first part and covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Virtualization
  • OpenStack
  • Working with the Horizon Dashboard and API clients
  • Introduction to Chef and Configuration Management
  • Infrastructure testing frameworks
  • Develop Chef Cookbooks with Test Kitchen

Automatic Deployment and Testing

... is the second part and deals with:

  • Basics of the Ruby programming language
  • Understand Software Testing
  • Introduction to RSpec
  • Introduction to Cucumber
  • Develop a web application with the BDD method and Ruby
  • Installing Jenkins
  • Create an automated deployment strategy that includes all covered technologies

Our trainers are experts in their fields

They have years of experience and will deliver the right mix of insightful theory and practical examples to give you the expertise you need. Whether you are a beginner, an advanced professional, or a company looking to upgrade the skill set of your team, our unique teaching style makes learning easy for everyone.

"Edmund is a great instructor who makes sure all participants are getting the essential course material while still doing deep dives with participants with more advanced questions The most competent coach I´ve ever encountered"

"Edmund knows what he’s talking about. Well done!"

"The courses give excellent insight into how tools work. Edmund enriches it with his in depth knowledge."

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