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Let us help you do the same by embracing automation,
increasing agility and reducing operation costs.

We are IT-Experts.
We love everything that has to do with IT-Infrastructure and the cloud. We are doing this for over 10 years and are pretty good at it. We build and consult projects big or small.
Now, we want to build yours.

You don't learn pure knowledge from books and it is not available in capsule form. The most effective form of exercise is still with sparring partners and a guide. Therefore, our "Commandemy" brand offers training for the IT experts of tomorrow.

Become the undisputed king of code and take a look at our current courses now!

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What we do

We do most of our work to optimize your IT-Infrastrucure. Be it a move to the cloud or building your own. We also help you to reduce operation time by automating nearly all the aspects of it. Whatever your IT needs, we got you covered.

This is
Why you need us

You need us to make your teams release more often and make your customers be happy with your IT services; We make you resistant to failure, reduce your costs and let you scale, scale, scale! We can help you achieve your wildest IT dreams.

You just need to ask us nicely.

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